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Free Site Diary for construction projects

Site Diary Plus is a site diary for construction projects. Site diary is used to save day-to-day site activities. Site diary can then be used as a contemporaneous record of events and is a written description of what happened at the time.

Site diaries also need to be kept for use postproject for claims/disputes, or mid project to verify health and safety audits/inspections, quality inspections and progress reports..

Dynamic web solution

Using site diary as a web solution is by far best option as you can share information with your project members and add images to the diary.

Web solution will never get lost and with a single login you can access all your diaries!

Better information management

Site Diary Plus improves information management on your construction projects. It also reduces disputes and improves overall communication within the project.

Planium Ltd builds global solutions for construction projects. Our solutions are used over fifty countries.

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